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Melissa Paone Somma
The Chakra Witch

Melissa Paone Somma is a Chakra Specialist, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Metaphysician, Mentor, and a 5-time World Champion Martial Artist. She has been studying the Craft for over 30 years and is an Eclectic Witch and High Priestess, specializing in empowerment, wellness, and self-mastery. 

This focus on self-mastery in particular has the study of Chakras at its core, resulting in the "Chakra Witch". Using these teachings, Melissa has created a unique platform for the instruction of magick, metaphysics, healing, and divination. 

She has always been unconventional and happily unusual, and is an empowering teacher, mystic, and guide who walks off the beaten path. 

She is the owner, creator, and proprietress of LightClub Curiosity Shoppe, a magickal and metaphysical boutique, healing sanctuary, and mystery school. Her specialized brand of teaching through the Chakras is featured here, where you may learn all about your own unique brand of magick.

Welcome and Blessed Be!

Check out the following sections for Chakra information, videos and services:

Root Chakra: Physical wellness, vitality, and security


Sacral Chakra: Emotions,  creativity, and sensuality


Solar Plexus Chakra: Self-worth, success & personal power


Heart Chakra: Healing, empathy, connection & relationships


Throat Chakra: Truth, justice, and divine will/ expression 


Third Eye Chakra: Divination, intuition, and dream magick


Crown Chakra: Meditation, divine connection, spirituality


Chakra Witch YouTube channel

Contact the Chakra Witch via email for more information or to set up a private session!

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