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The Heart Chakra: Anahata

Love, connection with others, empathy, healing energy, prosperity, forgiveness, Air element

The Heart Chakra is the chakra that bridges the circles of the self to the circles of the world around us. It takes our magick and reaches out in all directions, connecting us with others.


The Heart Chakra is the source of our empathic nature, our ability to feel for others. It is through this chakra that healing occurs, most especially for ourselves. It is the source of our energy to give and receive love, and this is where all healing occurs.

When this chakra is strong and clear, we are open and accepting. This reinforces abundance in our lives--an abundance of love, of connection, of receiving. It is in this magick circle that we open ourselves to prosperity magick and acceptance.

We become abundant and prosperous in love and connection, and this reflects in our daily lives.

Please enjoy this Heart Chakra meditation as our gift to you:
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