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The Third Eye Chakra: Ajna

Intuition, divination, Divine Mind and vision, clairvoyance, symbolism, Light element

The Third Eye Chakra is all about seeing the world through our many dimensions and layers. It transcends how we have been conditioned to see things in our three-dimensional world and facilitates divination, or Divine Vision.

Divination is a prominent part of the Craft. It is how we tap into our magickal sight and connect with the Spirit World. Our Third Eye allows us to see things from a higher perspective and tap into the wisdom of the collective consciousness. We realize that perspective is everything--As Within, So Without. 

When this chakra is strong and open, it gives us the ability to open our minds and see everything in a multidimensional way. We recognize patterns, symbols, and understand that there are no coincidences...but there certainly is magick.

This chakra opens our eyes and harmonizes our vision with our mind and spirit.

Please enjoy this Third Eye Chakra meditation as our gift to you:
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