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It's coming!

Annual Intensive Immersion Program

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Course dates: June 5-July 24, 2022
Includes Weekly Classes, Meetups & Ceremonies
All classes are recorded and can be viewed either Live or at your leisure. 

Offered only once a year, this intense program spans over 2 months of training. It is truly a life-changer and will forever shift your perspective.

The Chakra Lightworker Masterclass is an 8-week certification course that will cover the following:


  • A detailed explanation of what chakras are, how they work in your body, and how they tap into the world around you

  • A full immersion into each chakra, including balancing and harmonizing techniques

  • An in-depth study of how the shadow energy of each chakra affects us

  • The Magickal powers of each chakra and the proper energy work for each

  • The healing power of each chakra and how to access it

  • How these chakras create and fuel your aura, and how you can shift its vibration

  • An attunement ritual to activate each chakra


Because of the sheer magnitude of this course, it will include an online (Facebook) support group as well as weekly classes and check-ins. Melissa will be working side by side with you, experiencing everything as you experience it. The schedule will consist of three weekly meetings--Sunday classes, a Live meetup and class check-in every Thursday, and Saturday ascension & activation ceremonies. All sessions will be recorded if you are unable to view them live.

If you opt for Payment Plan 1 or 2, you will also receive one or two (depending on plan) private One-on-One half hour sessions with Melissa to discuss anything you wish.

Class Schedule (all classes recorded and can be viewed at any time):
Pre-recorded Online Class released every Sunday at 12:00 pm

Mid-Week 30 minute Live Zoom meetup and check-in, Thursdays at 7:00 pm

Chakra Ascension Ceremony every Saturday at 12:00 pm

This class will be offered to only 12 students, to ensure the proper amount of personalization and focus.

Are you ready to be transformed? Enroll below to get started!