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The Root Chakra: Muladhara

Physical energy, life force, vitality, security, grounding, instinct, manifestation, magnetism, Earth element

The importance of the Root Chakra is crucial to your wellbeing, your ascension, your power. It represents the Earth element, which is our foundation upon which everything is built. Our root is our strength and sense of belonging in this world.

When this chakra is strong and open, it creates a magick circle of attraction and magnetism--we exude a vitality, a life force that helps us manifest in this world.

Our bodies are the physical manifestation, the key to what is going on inside of ourselves. By learning to tune in to our bodies, to truly listen to them, we learn where our strengths and weakness, our triumphs and challenges lie.

Our physicality is the gateway to our ascension.

Please enjoy this Root Chakra meditation as our gift to you:
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