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Services offered by the Chakra Witch (via LightClub Curiosity Shoppe)

Aura Scanning

& Chakra Balancing


A healing session designed to detect imbalaces and blockages in your chakras & auric energy field. They will be balanced and you will be given an Action Plan to keep them empowered and healthy.


30 minute Session: $75 


Spirit Guidance



A psychic reading that analyzes each of your energy fields and gives you guidance as to how to keep them balanced. Individual questions can also be addressed.


30 minute Session: $75



Pyramid Healing


Receive a customized and super-charged healing session under a life-sized copper pyramid surrounded by power-charged crystals, channeled healing, messages and mantras, and much more.


30 minute Session: $75


Soul Reading/
Life Review Reading


A one of a kind reading that helps you to access your Soul's Purpose. You are taken through a guided session to connect with the Spirit World to aid in the transformation and ascension of your being on all levels.

This can also be an excellent reading to try on your birthday to receive a Life Review and access your Akashic Records.


60 minute Session: $150

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